Assessments & Evaluations

Dr. Danielak understands the impact that learning and developmental issues have upon your life, not just the impact it has on your child.


The assessment of learning issues, such as dyslexia, dyscalcula and dysgraphia, attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, processing issues, Asperger’s, autism, and other learning issues is one of Dr. Danielak's areas of expertise. Her testing is thorough and complete. She gains a definitive understanding of the child's learning strengths and weaknesses, including need for comprehensive interventions for both home and school. Dr. Danielak has training in school neuropsychology testing protocols and utilizes these methods when diagnosing and treating learning and behavioral disorders.


Evaluations for Students Explained:

There are a total of 5 sessions for the entire testing process. First, there is a 1-hour intake session with parents, then 3 one-to-one testing sessions with your child (two 3-hour sessions and one 1.5 hour session). After testing is completed and all the data is analyzed, Dr. Danielak meets with parents to review testing results, any diagnosis, and provide recommendations for next steps. This meeting is 2 hours long and parents are provided with a comprehensive report, written in such a way that parents will be able to read and understand the testing and results and be able to apply recommendations to real life. This report is accepted at schools as documentation, if the parent decides to inform the school of the results.


ADHD Testing for Adults Explained:

Adult ADHD testing is either 3 or 2 sessions. The first session is the 1- hour Testing Intake with Dr. Danielak. The fee for the 1- hour Intake is $210.00.  The second session is a 1/2 hour testing.  Part of the testing is computer-based and part includes checklists that you and/or significant other will take home and complete. The fee for this testing is $360.00 and includes 2 hours of scoring and report preparation. The final appointment is a 1-hour Feedback appointment during which Dr. Danielak will review all of your test results and your report. The fee for this appointment is $180.00.



Informed Consent for Testing (Child)

Informed Consent for Testing (Adult)



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• learning disorders


• non-verbal learning


• ADHD vs. bipolar disorder


• processing disorders


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